Young Designers 2009

Shweta Wani
Product Design | PGDPD
Design of a Solar Oven for the Indian Market
Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsonr Aksons Solar Equipments Pvt.Ltd
> Solar cooker
> Renewable energy
> Roto-moulding technology
> Indian market
I designed a solar oven for the Indian market with considerations of renewable energy use, low cost and manufacturing simplicity and increased efficiency. Solar cooker/oven is one product which can actually work out well in terms of renewable energy if designed effectively.

This was a research and design development project . It was completely self-initiated and self-driven. I followed a systems approach and focused not just on the product but the systems surrounding it such as human practices, changing needs as per time, product use, environmental awareness and economic sustainability issues in India. I see the solar oven as the ‘medium’ which provides the connectivity between grass roots users, inventors, manufacturers and designers. My design process included conducting research on existing models, review of case studies on solar cooking, user studies, analysis , prototype development and implementation. I concluded with a physical design output for redesigning the solar oven.

I also extended it a little further to a futuristic design solution using roto-moulding technology with better aesthetics. Solar energy is an area that is currently less- explored in the design community. I could also complement my design background with technological innovation and engineered product development.

The project helped me to understand how renewable energy sources work at both the local and global level. It also helped take my thought processes to another level. My journey through this process helped sensitize me to people’s needs by understanding product design as being rooted in community and societal frameworks.
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