Young Designers 2009

Apurba Pawar
Product Design | GDPD
Electronic Fetal Monitoring Device for Global Markets
Guide Shashank Mehta
Sponsonr GE Healthcare, Bangalore
> Medical products
> Fetal monitors
> Maternal healthcare
> Global markets
My project involved designing a new fetal monitor using the technology being developed for global markets by the Maternal Infant Care Unit by keeping the existing product: cormetrics170 as the benchmark.

The challenge was to conceptualize a design which would be user friendly, cater to all the stakeholder requirements, reliable, easy to use, and one that would beat the competition.
Given that the product was being developed for global markets , my design had to cater to common needs yet be flexible enough to be customized for specific purposes across different countries.

My final design is cost effective and modular. Many options were provided within the same product with minimum cost investment by the client. The print would come out from the front so there would be flat surface for the notes if required to be made on the FHR trace. The options of with and without printer within the same enclosure were also provided, as there is internal memory storage, people can retain soft copies and save paper as well as self space. Portability, LED Display, LCD Display, and the premium version with LCD touch screen. It has an internal thermal recorder.

Through this experience, I have learned that a fetal monitor is not only a product but a system that is very intriguingly connected with the people, the hospital setup, the accessories used along with it and the cultures and perceptions of worldwide users.

There is immense potential for design intervention in health care not only at the product level but also at the systems and research levels.
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