Young Designers 2009

Nadaph Vazir
Product Design | PGDPD
Project Diabetes
Product Service System Design For India
Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsonr Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
> Diabetes management
> Social innovation
> Service Systems Design
> Rural India
I have always been interested in issues pertaining to health and medicine.

The aim of my project was to initiate a more Ďuser centeredí approach to personal diabetes management through the design of products and service systems that consider and react specifically to the diverse lifestyles of the vast diabetic community in rural India.

My role as a designer was not to look for a solution to diabetes from a medical perspective, but rather to conceptualize a proposal to provide a healthier life style.

The project had two components.

The first centered around designing an essential service system for diabetics to self manage diabetes care in their busy lifestyle. The focus is on diabetics who are either engaged with their hectic lifestyles, restricted to their home, or residing in remote areas.

The second component pertained to facilitating diabetics with a range of products to self manage their diabetic condition. My objective was to develop cost effective products for those diabetics who canít afford the high range products. These will essentially fit in the loop of product service system. I conceptualized a self manageable glucose meter and a kiosk for rural diabetics which will provide online web support in remote areas.

While the concepts were developed in Australia, subsequent conversations with doctors and patients in India revealed that they were enthusiastic about the concept.

This project has shown me the multiple dimensions of design with reference to social innovation. A new experience was maintaining a blog for information collection about diabetes. It has also opened my mind to systems thinking.
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