Young Designers 2009

Nayaab Lokhandwala
Product Design | GDPD
Value Added Air-Conditioner
Guide Shashank Mehta
Sponsonr LG Electronics India Pvt.Ltd, Greater Noida
> Air conditioner
> Indian market
> Technology
> Innovation
My project began with a brainstorm on the three-word theme provided by the company – health, happiness and prosperity in urban India. I then decided to focus on air conditioners as my home appliance of interest.

Subsequently. I undertook a user survey in Ahmedabad and Delhi which experience high summer temperatures. The user survey gave very interesting insights about usage, problems due to placement and reactions to air conditioners from different populations, particularly the elderly.

I eventually decided on two design directions.

The first was based on the insight that the air throw of split air conditioners should reach the furthest corner of the room. The outlet of a split air conditioner is single and linear. The concept increased the expanse of the outlet so that it is on all three sides from the air conditioner body. In this way the throw is experienced from the sides as well.

The second was based on the insight that the same air conditioner cannot provide comfort in both dry summers and humid monsoons. I designed a concept which combines an air conditioner with a humidifier and also has a compartment for placing a room freshener. It’s orientation is vertical and it has an interactive element like that of a desert cooler. To make this concept sleek, the technology is different from the one used in the conventional wall mounted air conditioners.

My biggest learning from my industry experience is that design is a collaborative effort that is enhanced by several individuals’ experiences and views.
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