Young Designers 2009

Technology | 8
Nayaab Lokhandwala
Value Added Air-Conditioner
Sponsor: LG Electronics India Pvt.Ltd, Greater Noida
Guide: Shashank Mehta
Nidhi Rajora
Microwave for Indian Homes
Sponsor: L G Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., Greater Noida
Guide: Shashank Mehta
Prabuddha Vyas
Empowering People with Safety and Security; ICT Innovations for Developing Countries
Sponsor: Nokia Research Centre, Bangalore
Guide: Mamata N. Rao
Sachin Rathi
Communication Medium for the Elderly People
Sponsor: Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
Guide: V S Ravishankar;Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Shweta Wani
Design of a Solar Oven for the Indian Market
Sponsor: Aksons Solar Equipments Pvt.Ltd
Guide: Praveen Nahar
Snehal Chitlange
Branding for a Fashion Store
Sponsor: Grandmother India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Guide: Anil Sinha
Usha Singh
Digital Assistance for Rural Health: Pre and Post Natal Care
Sponsor: Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
Guide: V S Ravishankar
Vishwaksen Shekhawat
Refrigerator for Urban India
Sponsor: L G Electronics India Pvt.Ltd, Noida
Guide: Shashank Mehta
Animation Film Design|AFD
Exhibition Design|ED
Film and Video Communication|FVC
Graphic Design|GD
I.T. Integrated
Design for Digital Experience|DDE
Information and Digital Design|IDD
Information and Interface Design|IID
New Media Design|NMD
Software User and Interface Design|SUID
Design for Retail Experience|DRE
Strategic Design Management|SDM
Ceramic and Glass Design|CGD
Furniture and Interior Design|FID
Product Design|PD
Toy and Game Design|TGD
Transportation and Automobile Design|TrAD
Apparel Design and Merchandising|ADM
Lifestyle Accessory Design|LAD
Textile Design|TD
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