Young Designers 2009

Harish Dubey
Information and Digital Design | PGDPD
Need Based Information Network
Designing for the Next Million Mobile Users
Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsonr IBM India Research Lab, Bangalore
> Social networking
> Information network
> User interface design
> Mobile phones
My project involved designing a service application realizing the needs of people with respect to group communication which can be operated via cell phone using existing cell phone network. While there were products and features available to people which facilitate to certain degree a few of the issues but nothing in specific is available to realize the dynamics of needs of social bonding with different sets of people.

Of prime importance in designing adequate services and user experiences was understanding user behavior aspirations, communication issues. For the scope of this project, the target user segment was restricted to two communities. i.e. Students enrolled in India and Auto Rickshaw Drivers. In future, it is possible to extrapolate results to other communities as well.

While user interviews were conducted to know what users think, user observations were made to see how users behave firsthand in natural environment. It was surprising to hear users explain their actions and behaviour in a situation. In case of auto rickshaw drivers a text comprehension test was carried out with a set of frequently used words and small sentences.

The realisation of the project was an easily operable user interface design on mobile phones which will facilitate users to use the tool to fulfil their need for information & communication with others.

The people involved in the project helped me understand and experience teamwork. The process of realizing an idea from its primordial form to an actual product has given me immense satisfaction.
Communication Design
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Interdisciplinary Design
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Harish Dubey
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