Young Designers 2009

Shalini Dey
Information and Digital Design | PGDPD
Information Tools for a Uniform Public Transport Model
Guide Dr Bibhudutta Baral
Sponsonr Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
> Universal design
> Public Transport
> Communication Model
> Crowd flow control
Given future forecasts of increasing Indian and foreign tourist rates, Delhi will have dynamic flows of human beings through its public transport system. For my project, I designed an efficient and well managed information system that Government authorities can use in a global event such as the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

My research process consisted of a series of user studies triangulating photo ethnography, casual conversations and specific questionnaires. I undertook field studies to understand the various levels of decision making a person applies cognitively while navigating through an unknown city. I incorporated this understanding into the precision features of the tools of my communication model. I also studied government modes of public transport, issues of revenues, accidents, and other avenues for better navigation within Delhi. I then analyzed cognitive techniques used by China and Australia to cognitively mold the local residentsí behavior to use new modifications to the systems for the Olympics.

My final design deliverable is a communication model consisting of information tools that possess user specific features in varied media to help users navigate the city with ease. It is comprehensive, accessible and viable for crowd flow control in global events. The model is adaptable to suit other citiesí besides Delhi. In the future, I aspire to extend my work to signage design and traffic flow study to make it viable for long-term sustainable planned efforts.

I am pleased to have used my design education in a project that impacts issues of accessibility and universal design.
Communication Design
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