Young Designers 2009

Rajiv Jassal
Lifestyle Accessory Design | PGDPD
Lifestyle Accessories in Bamboo
Guide Pradyumna Vyas
Sponsonr Outreach Programmes, NID, Ahmedabad
> Bamboo
> Economic development
> Tripura
> simplicity
My project focused on generating entrepreneurial initiatives for craftspeople through development of bamboo craft in Tripura. Another objective was to design a smooth functioning system of the supply chain from raw material to the user and ensure that craftsmen have strong links with the market.

Since this was my first time working with bamboo, I started off with researching the cultivation, harvesting, properties and manufacturing of bamboo products etc. I also conducted market research on bamboo products as well as channels to sell and distribute them and profiles of target customers. To understand the lives of craftsmen, I visited Tripura. After several feedback sessions and material exploration exercises, I started making prototypes with the help of craftsmen.

I gave preference to smaller lifestyle products as the possibility of evolving newer and more appealing designs was greater. Home accessories for different living spaces, such as living, dining, bedroom and bath accessories were potential design directions. The final products included lamp shade, ideas for chandelier, a wall-hanging facility, cloth hangers and a clothes stand.

I also proposed a system of making, transporting, value addition and packaging of this range, which would serve both the craftsmen and users.

Through this project, I learned the value of simplicity. Simple designs are extremely appealing and are understood easily by a craftsman. The final designs are an exceptional blend of creativity, aesthetics and functionality. It was an enriching experience to understand the aspirations of craftspeople and to use my design education for their empowerment.
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