Young Designers 2009

Mridul Mitra
Lifestyle Accessory Design | PGDPD,
Cafeteria Space Design for IIJS Signature Goa 2009
Guide Anuya Naik
Sponsonr Integrated Design Services (IDS), NID, Ahmedabad
> IIJS Signature Goa
> Cafeteria space
> Charles Correa
> Furniture design
IIJS Signature Goa is a landmark event sponsored by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India (GJEPC). This year the event offered me the opportunity to conceptualize and execute a cafeteria space for the large number of expected exhibitors and visitors. The focus of my design endeavor was relaxation and rejuvenation.

The process began with the team reaching a consensus on the overall themes of the show- Tessellations and the Fibonacci Number. The palette reflected the vibrant colors of Indian culture. The design direction blended the best work of Charles Correa and the Joie de Vivre of Goa.

The core team and I conceptualized a visual identity, conducted research into international fairs and the psychographics and demographics of the attendees, finalized models and mock-ups along with colors, material and forms. We located vendors, obtained quotations, budgets and fixed modes of transport. The final stage involved overseeing the fabrication, quality checks, schedule of production and delivery as well as correct installation of the furniture on site. Thus, I was involved with the entire design journey from sketchbook to finished product.

I am thrilled that all ten of Table C from my collection were purchased by the Kala Academy for their permanent cafeteria. Through this experience, I became sensitive to people and their unique psychological needs for rest and relaxation. Watching visitors interact with the furniture and configure it to suit their requirements was very satisfying. I acquired professional confidence as a designer given the large scale of my project.
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