Young Designers 2009

Saurav Sahu
Lifestyle Accessory Design | PGDPD
Dinner Stack
Guide P Rama Krishna Rao
Sponsonr Wrap Art & Design, New Delhi
> Sophisticated l uxury
> Combining traditional heritage and modern design
> Eating objects and rituals
> Geometrical design
For my project, I worked with ‘Wrap Art & Design’ which positions itself as a lifestyle brand providing elite ambience of sophisticated luxury.

My research process focused on my sponsor, its history, products and design language. I analyzed international and national brands as well as target consumers. Subsequent stages involved defining design direction and context building.

The final collection included a set of dining space tableware and accessories in effective combinations of materials such as silver, copper, brass, wood, stone inlay, glass crystal and gold leaf. I named my collection ‘The Dinner Stack’. It comprises two sculptural stacks, “Eat Stack” and “Serve Stack”. Both represent contemporary design approaches that explore cooking, serving and storing traditions, eating objects and rituals within Indian culture.

My biggest joy is that my final pieces got selected for the Wrap Art & Design collection and were showcased at Sotheby’s in London, a premier auction house. Called ‘Inspired by India’, the show was a huge success as the stacks were bought by Established and Sons in London. In India, the stacks got a special feature in two premier magazines Elle Décor and Vogue India.

I had the interesting opportunity to incorporate aspects of mathematics, geometry and straight lines in my designs. Working in a company environment provided valuable experience working with artisans, factory set-ups and production processes.

The key learning for me was how to execute my project in alignment with the vision of the company while maintaining the individuality and integrity of my initial concepts.
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TrAD 8
Interdisciplinary Design
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I.T. Integrated Design
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Lifestyle Accessory Design 10
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Saurav Sahu
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