Young Designers 2009

Vrushali Kabare
Lifestyle Accessory Design | PGDPD
SWITCH - A Women's Laptop Bag Collection
Guide Shimul Mehta Vyas
Sponsonr VIP Industries Ltd., Mumbai
> Women's laptop bags
> Indian themes
> Young professional
> Lifestyle accessory
Most women nowadays employ a large tote, a traditional backpack or a messenger style bag which often looks unappealing. My objective was to design a laptop bag that was stylish, functional and enhanced a young professional’s lifestyle.

My project had two phases. In the first, I designed a distinctive and exclusive brand weave for VIP in tune with its brand identity of ‘emotional connect’ targeting the youth brigade.

The fabric had to have an Indian essence to it. I created my story and color boards based on the keywords ‘Spirited, Vibrant, Rooted and Ornamented’ which speaks for the soul of India. The final motif and design are intrinsic to the brand and uses twill, plain and diamond weaves. The color stories included themes such as ‘Royal Retreat’, ‘Spiritual Souls’, ‘Contemporary Indian’ and ‘Craft by Nature’.

In the second, I designed a modern looking women’s laptop bags which have an Indian essence to them. The target customers were young professional women in the age group of 20 -30 years. I designed three versions of the same bag -horizontal , vertical and an organizer.

I also designed a bag which is comprised of two bags, a laptop bag with organizer and a handbag. When carried together, the hand bag and the laptop bag provide a uniform look. It is ideal for a young professional for both office use and after-office social outings with friends.

The entire collection is named ‘SWITCH’.

I am really pleased that I was able to utilize my knowledge of textile design in the design of a lifestyle accessory.
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ED 5
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GD 18
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TrAD 8
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Lifestyle Accessory Design 10
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Vrushali Kabare
TD 37
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