Young Designers 2009

Harshita Shastri
Furniture and Interior Design | PGDPD
A Range of Classroom Furniture
Guide Anuya Naik
Sponsonr Satisfaction Products Ltd., Indore
> Educational furniture
> Ergonomic
> Stacking
> Strong and sleek
Educational furniture has gained popularity due to an increase in the number of educational institutions all over India. The scope of my project involved designing and developing a conceptual range of furniture for classrooms geared to local markets.

I commenced by studying the history of education, changing practices in education, student behaviors, ergonomic considerations, current educational furniture trends in India and abroad. I then conducted user studies. The data analysis and synthesis helped me in identifying design directions.

I conceptualized a Ďformí based range of stacking furniture which is modern, contemporary and offers space-saving flexibility. These included classroom tables and chairs, library seating, working table for hostels, computer tables etc. Of all these products, the classroom table (single and dual) and classroom chair were selected for further detailing and prototyping. I used a combination of metal (mild steel) and wood boards (MDF, plywood and particle boards). All pieces may be best described as fresh, simple, strong and sleek.
A private school approached by SPLís marketing team admired the designs. Due to the global recession, the products are not in the market yet.

On a personal level, the entire process starting from conceptualizing products to prototyping not only gave me insights but also the thrill of seeing my ideas into real products. Working under industrial constraints of material, time and cost helped me to focus on specific directions and take quick decisions. I learned how to communicate and monitor the design in the most appropriate manner. The project was an enjoyable and memorable journey at each and every stage.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
GD 18
Industrial Design
Furniture and Interior Design 11
Andrea Noronha
Avik Parui
Binu Bhaskaran
Birju Patel
Garima Aggarwal
Harshita Shastri
Jagan Ganapathy
Mukul Pandey
Nandita Mehrotra
Rachita Sareen
Samir Kulkarni
PD 15
TrAD 8
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE 14
SDM 17
I.T. Integrated Design
NMD 10
Textile Design
ADM 17
LAD 10
TD 37
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