Young Designers 2009

Binu Bhaskaran
Furniture and Interior Design | PGDPD
Living and Dining Space Furniture
Guide Anuya Naik
Sponsonr The Rubber Board of India
> Domestic home furniture
> Minimalism
> Symmetry
> Optimal space utilization
My project was sponsored by the company Meenachil Rubber Wood Ltd who market the brand ‘Metrowood’. The impetus for their interest was that they wanted to expand their market to Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and wanted their furniture range to be competitive in these cities.

My assignment was to design contemporary dining sets and sofa sets with center tables for Metrowood and to make suggestions for radical improvement in the existing range of company products which should be sharply differentiated from competitive offerings.
I conducted research of the president furniture ranges available in the metropolitan markets as well as a study of rubber wood properties, manufacturing processes, costs, manufacturing time and transportation properties.

My design concepts were those inspired by considerations of ‘minimalism’, ‘symmetry’, and ‘optimal utilization of space’ (particularly a concern in urban space settings). I also developed a concept of ‘combination furniture’ which combines two or more materials for making one piece (for instance, wood and steel).

The process of design finalization was a very challenging one as I learned to integrate several competing points of view, feedback from company officials, market trends, design features, urban scenarios, user surveys, company policies and price considerations. It was an interesting experience to navigate all these complex commercial aspects and weave them into the creative and ergonomics aspects of design.

Working with master carpenters was also a special experience. I am thrilled that all seven prototypes I designed have been chosen for immediate production. The project has been an excellent experience in converting institutional learning into industrial products.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
GD 18
Industrial Design
Furniture and Interior Design 11
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Avik Parui
Binu Bhaskaran
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