Young Designers 2009

Birju Patel
Furniture and Interior Design | PGDPD
Furniture from Particle Board Waste created in the factory
Guide P Rama Krishna Rao
Sponsonr Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Ltd., Mumbai
> Golden section theory
> Waste recycling
> Particle board scrap
> Utilitarian furniture
I designed furniture from Particle Board Scrap generated in the factory of my sponsor. The collection will be translated into a new range introduced by the company. It was an intriguing assignment particularly since there are many restrictions with this material (particle board) as far as its strength, joineries and finishing is concerned.

I designed small pieces of utilitarian furniture for everyday use. These included newspaper and magazine stands, telephone accessory stands, tv units, corner usability units, kitchen baskets. In addition, I also designed a wooden bed-room set appropriate for hostel/institutional requirements. These included a side unit, a dresser, a study table, TV unit, a luggage rack and a two door wardrobe. My designs were influenced by the Golden Section Theory and the De-Stijl movements.

The project is a new approach for the company and adds a new green approach to the company's label (Godrej Interio). This project was an excellent experience in knowledge sharing. Understanding the technicality with materials and various machinery processes helps to use it in a proper manner which is an unavoidable factor for cost cutting. Stage by stage, my confidence improved with my design improvements to make a unique and feasible outcome within the given framework.

Working with available/existing materials and facilities and making the best use of it with innovative design solutions increases oneís capabilities. Adapting to the companyís methodologies and strategies, matching the design philosophies of the company, improving the way of working for both the company and oneself were my key learnings.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
GD 18
Industrial Design
Furniture and Interior Design 11
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Avik Parui
Binu Bhaskaran
Birju Patel
Garima Aggarwal
Harshita Shastri
Jagan Ganapathy
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Nandita Mehrotra
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PD 15
TrAD 8
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE 14
SDM 17
I.T. Integrated Design
NMD 10
Textile Design
ADM 17
LAD 10
TD 37
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