Young Designers 2009

Aakanksha Bhutada Malpani
Lifestyle Accessory Design | PGDPD
COPLIFE: The Beaten Metal Craft
Guide Shilpa Das
Sponsonr Elephant Strategy+Design, Pune
> Indian craft scenario
> Maharashtra
> Copper
> Gifts and souvenirs
Indian craft tradition is representative of our rich heritage. To save this tradition from languishing, these crafts are in need of renewal. My project title ‘Cop-Life’ centered on studying the copper craft and technology available in and around the Pune region and developing products/souvenirs that can be sold at a premium to contribute to conservation of the craft

My design process began with research to develop a thorough understanding about Pune, all the crafts available in the region, the techniques, development by the craftsmen, , the skills, materials and available industrial resources and costing exercises. I then conducted market surveys, comparative studies of lifestyle stores, research on consumer lifestyle trends, tourist trends and craft trends over the years. In addition, I researched the psychology of gifting and souvenirs and undertook psychographic and demographic analyses.

I settled on the beaten metal copper craft of Pune and undertook field visits to interact with the craftsmen. I finally decided on four design streams, which could be individual collections in themselves. The four ideas were new shapes which could add an entire new series of products. The collections were named respectively Contour; Tapart; Glitter and Me Too!

As a designer, I developed accessories/products that both retained the original flavor of the craft and simultaneously gave it a new flavor and appeal. However, as a human being, I am pleased that I was able to contribute to both the entrepreneurial initiatives of craftsmen as well as to nationalistic goals of craft and heritage preservation.
Communication Design
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Lifestyle Accessory Design 10
Aakanksha Bhutada Malpani
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