Young Designers 2009

Akhilesh S.V.
New Media Design | PGDPD
Interactive Television to Enhance Rural Education
Guide Dr Bibhudutta Baral
Sponsonr Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
> Interactive television
> Rural education
> Iconic interface
> Universal design
The educational structure of India, particularly in rural areas is languishing from the lack of basic infrastructure.

The objective of my projective was to create an interactive television environment to enhance rural education in all aspects by creating an user experience which narrows down the tasks of users and thereby promotes ease of use and accessibility to all. The intent is to help rural populations participate in effective decision making.

My design process was grounded in research which involved understanding current practices and domain, a systems study in rural villages, user studies, user group sessions to understand how people use the present ITV environment and how they accomplish a particular task, analysis and understanding the needs of the users, concept, iterations.
Based on the analysis of this data, I presented a final concept of an interactive television interface which has changed graphical user interface. The final prototype is an interface with icons and pictorial information which narrows down the task of the user. The iconic interface, constructed on the basis of feedback from rural areas will guide users to attain their goals with immediate feedback compared to present tele-text information given by service providers. The user can switch to the normal viewing mode or to the educational information content which is categorized according to the need and priority of the target user.

My study has given me rich insights on how current technology and communication facilities can be clubbed to together to make an user experience for the particular scenario.
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