Young Designers 2009

Kanika Deep Arneja
New Media Design | PGDPD
Interactive Book for Kids to Learn Colour
Guide Gayatri Menon
Sponsonr Axiom Education Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai
> Interactive book
> Curriculum Design
> Multisensory
> Learning about colour
My project required me to formulate ideas to engage primary and secondary school students in independent participatory learning and reduce dependency on the teacher. The final product is a book to teach children about ‘colour’ through interactive experiences to give them a lively and enjoyable experience.

I began with collating all possible sources of information on the internet and books and blogs. I studied child development, physical and cognitive development, learning styles of children and Montessori schooling. This process was followed by visits to books and toy stores and surveys of prospective user groups.

I executed an initial prototype – “The world of colours”. Interactive elements involved colored strips and sliders, flaps, sliding ducklings. I then did user studies and collected through observations and inputs from children and teachers and then focused on deriving design directions from the synthesis of this information.

I wanted to design a multisensory experience for children which involved tactile, visual and auditory experiences. The final story, a combination of narration and dialogues, is based on colourful fishes. The plot supports the idea of two fishes of different colors coming together and forming another (third) colour because of their ‘ transparent/shiny’ bodies. The setting was also ‘Water’ as transparent gelatin (sheet) is largely used to explain the concept of Colour Mixing.

My project helped me understand the idea of ‘fun’ and interest to a child and the way subconscious learning takes place. As a designer, I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore this domain.
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