Young Designers 2009

Ramesh Gound
Transportation and Automobile Design | PGDPD
Affordable Youth Mobility
Guide Pradyumna Vyas
Sponsonr Renault Design India, Mumbai
> Youth trends
> Mobility solution
> Affordability in sharing
> Meaningful radicalism
My sponsor RENAULT Design created a research and development project titled ‘Youth Trends and Mobility’ The ‘youth’ worldwide are buyers of the future. They lead fast, dynamic and more consumer savvy lifestyles. The aim of the project is to create a ‘mobility solution’ which is not necessarily a conventional car, for which the customer is a young single person (approximately 18-23) years old. The challenge was to capture the imagination and passion of an entire generation at a price they can afford.

I came up with two concepts

The first, ‘Mobility within me’ uses the backpack as an inspiration and the user can carry the shell when not using it. Mobility is created when needed and disappears when there is no use.

The second concept titled ‘Affordability in sharing’ targets youth who want to assimilate into high class society and possess branded objects, but given the prohibitive cost, prefer ’buy one get one’ free offers so that they can share. This buying habit was a key direction for designing future mobility, where two users can plug in their vehicles and have the pleasure of a car with more fun through further bonding, like sharing a cigarette. The reason this proposal got selected is because of its resemblance to a bike form. A bike is a strong powerful symbol of power, freedom and passion amongst the youth. Further, it was closer to youth desire and affordability reach.

This project was an awesome experience in terms of expanding my horizons beyond conventional thought into meaningful radical thinking.
Communication Design
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GD 18
Industrial Design
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PD 15
Transportation and Automobile Design 8
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Lalit Yaduvanshi
Ramesh Gound
Sameer Malkhare
Shailendra Datt Petwal
Siddharth Rane
Interdisciplinary Design
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TD 37
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