Young Designers 2009

Chezhian Natarajan
Transportation and Automobile Design | PGDPD
Audi Esque
Masters Thesis/Coursework at Domus Academy
Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsonr Domus Academy, Italy
> American and European markets
> Visual mass reduction
> Car interior
> futuristic design
I completed my project at the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy in collaboration with Audi, a German manufacturer of sophisticated premium vehicles.

My project (master’s thesis) focused on designing a new Audi SUV for the year 2020 which retains the strong values and characteristics of the Audi brand. At the same time it also incorporates a new architecture which will enhance the experience, optimize safety and space utilization. The new SUV design is mainly targeted at the North American market and possibly, European markets.

I conducted this in two phases

The former centered around research on Audi brand values, their design language, their future vision and the North American market from which I understood that pick up trucks are the largest selling vehicles in North America. The paradox was that even though customers rarely used them off the road, they still wanted something to protect them, even if they didn’t need it.

The latter tended to design. My design led to an exterior shape which tapers towards the rear. I addressed critical aspects pertaining to SUVs such as large size, weight and pollution by reducing the visual mass and incorporating the use of future materials and green technology.

The key features of my design, titled the ‘Audi Esque’ include a 3.3 ltr 5 cylinder engine; Audi aluminum space frame; a grille covered by a glossy mesh material; Low mounted additional air intake; Battery pack for the hybrid engine and Hidden side mounted exhaust.

As an avid automobile enthusiast and a student of design, my experience in Italy has been enriching.
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