Young Designers 2009

Deepti Bhadbhade
Exhibition Design | GDPD
Retail Design For Modular Kitchens
Guide Anuya Naik
Sponsonr Lokusdesign Pvt. Ltd., Pune
> Indian retail
> System design
> Space design
> Modular kitchens
My project required me to provide a retail design for modular kitchen. I have always been fascinated by the interaction of straight lines and space, hence the word ‘modular’ captured my imagination.

The scope of my work involved both system design and space design.

For system design, I incorporated a macro perspective and studied the identity of the company, the product, its customer base, display, as well as the service. I also created a brand guide manual that provided details like brand USP, locations of outlets, branding, information architecture, interaction methods, spatial elements and choice of products to be displayed with color schemes.

For space design, I designed concepts and details of layouts, display methods, supplementary furniture, surface cladding, accessories and placements of graphics.
I worked within a hypothetical space of 2000 sq. ft. in a variety of shapes rectangle, square and L. My designs are adaptable to a variety of sizes of kitchens with clear floor to ceiling height of 11 feet, a minimum 30 ft. clear glass front façade and the least number of pillars.

I eventually finalized two themes. The first, Travelling Line focused on bold geometrical lines and graphical representations. The second, Courtyard focused on traditional Indian courtyards and textures and is inspired by intricate ethnic designs found within partitions.

My project took many unexpected twists and turns, so I acquired adaptability and flexibility. Working with colleagues helped me understand the value of feedback and teamwork. The experience of working within a furniture manufacturing factory enhanced the practical aspects of my design beyond the aesthetic ones.
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Deepti Bhadbhade
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