Young Designers 2009

Ayush Jain
Exhibition Design | GDPD
The V DOT Experience
Guide Somesh Singh
Sponsonr Design For Change, Bangalore
> Indian retail scenario
> Green retail
> Van Heusen
> Exhibition design
My project focused on effectively designing a store for ‘V DOT’ in Chennai, a sub brand of Van Heusen which retails men’s party wear. The aim was to design in a way that enhance the brand’s spatial identity and pair it with effective adaptability into the variety of store spaces at various scales.
The scope of the project involved creating an ‘experience of the brand’ where people get to know the brand (and not just a ‘retail outlet’) by incorporating multi-sensorial elements to create a wholesome experience. I was extremely interested in green retail.
The study methodology included understanding retail design, its various sectors and sub-categories, its relevance and trends in India and abroad, recent trends and innovations and the elements of a retail store, i.e. the design domain. I then conducted consumer surveys as well as store analysis and visual analysis to understand the ongoing competitor brand campaigns.
I then formulated ideas and concepts after intense brainstorming sessions with the intention of having them resonate with both the inherent qualities of the brand and the consumer’s buying behavior.
The final concept chosen (Citylife with three zones – Biz, Lounge and Club) turned out to be a tricky one to detail out because it had a lot of curved elements. So, detailing it for execution, adaptation and space management became the core focus rather than the design itself. This I thought was a vital learning since a great impractical design is pointless. The project was an extreme enriching experience.
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Ayush Jain
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