Young Designers 2009

Vaibhavi Kowshik
Exhibition Design | GDPD
Pitch for the India Pavilion, World Expo 2010, Shanghai
Guide Tanishka Kachru
Sponsonr Meroform (India) Pvt. Ltd., NOIDA
> Exhibition design
> World Expo 2010
> Urban cities
> Shanghai
For my project, I had the exciting opportunity to participate in a pitch for the India Pavilion at the upcoming World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Better City, Better Life’. The theme emphasizes both the creativity and innovation in a city as well as challenges of city life.

The scope of this project was extremely vast, so I worked as part of a team. We proposed that the India Pavilion be designed as a multi-sensory and interactive experience, to create a dynamic, tactile, transforming and evolving space based on an evolving narrative in order to give the visitor an opportunity participate in the life of an Indian city.
For my assignment, I did extensive research on the World Expo, a review of India’s and other countries’ participation in it and studied Shanghai and China. The research methodology also involved content mapping and zone divisions for further design interpretation.

The zone I designed titled ‘The City of Harmony’, had to reflect the commonality between India and China. I have tried in my visual representation of this space, to infuse it with feelings of purity in religion and depict the past trade and commerce that has been carried out between the two countries. I developed many grids pertaining to various actions, activities, spaces, religion and events.

Unfortunately, we lost pitch and it was a disappointment that our efforts did not come to fruition. However, I acquired experience in working with researchers, architects and exhibition designers which has led to a rich interdisciplinary approach in my design thinking.
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