Young Designers 2009

Raghavendra Chaitanya
Exhibition Design | GDPD
Three Galleries in Khalsa Museum
Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsonr A. B. Design Habit & Co.Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
> Sikh heritage
> Khalsa Museum
> Visual Language
> Narrative exhibition
The Khalsa Heritage Complex, in Amritsar is a museum dedicated to portraying and preserving the history, culture and heritage of the Sikhs.

For my project, I designed three galleries of this museum collectively encompassing a time period between 1708-1839 following the life and times of Banda Bahadur, the Sikh polity after his death and the Sikh empire under Ranjit Singh respectively. These three galleries were not independent stand-alone units. Rather, they were part of a larger narrative. So they have to be viewed in the context of the entire story and all the other galleries. At the same time, each gallery is also markedly different, so as to distinguish the experience and mood of its particular time period.

My design approach relied on the creation of environments, installations and audio-visuals involving multiple mediums so as to effectively engage the visitor in an emotional and spiritual narrative, which comprises the backbone of any exhibition. My design idiom drew upon different schools of art and strong. The exhibits will have a rich communicable visual language which will be interpreted by audio-guides. The project has just completed its preproduction stage.

The experience has been very enriching. The designer is the mediator between the visitor and the exhibition, ensuring that the story is effectively communicated through the design process. I also have a renewed value for the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration because it leads to freshness in ideation. While working on my project, I acquired flexibility and openness to surprises and adventures in tune with the natural progression of the design process.
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