Young Designers 2009

Charanya S.
Software User and Interface Design | PGDPD
Interaction Design for Web Shopping Experience
Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsonr Axiom Education Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
> Interaction design
> Web shopping
> User-centric research design
> Education
My project focused on developing a universal digital platform that can be used to distribute digital as well as physical goods for my sponsor, in the field of education. The idea was to conceptualize an interface that can be used online as a community market place for sharing knowledge. The products were tagged for every age group, which in turn can be used to browse through various products and can be used to find out the knowledge gaps for every individual.

The intent was to create an experience in product transactions and to create knowledge sharing and collaboration between users .

The target users were multiple set of users such as children, parents and the educators, of all age groups. My research process involved studying the existing setup and the strategies that the company already follows & strategies against the competitors. They were mapping user needs, behaviors, expectations, creating personas, scenarios, story boards and task flows. Subsequent steps included ideation of concepts and low fidelity prototyping, user testing and feedback as well as eventually high fidelity prototype.

The deliverables were the information architecture, with product classification and features required, the wireframes of the interface and the interactions. The final prototype was paper prototype of the wireframes and the interactions were explained using a video prototype.

Through this experience, I developed people skills such as consensus building, people management and teamwork. My project gave me an experience in working with short term goals and business needs, striking a balance between business, technology and user.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
GD 18
Industrial Design
FID 11
PD 15
TrAD 8
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE 14
SDM 17
I.T. Integrated Design
NMD 10
Software User and Interface Design 9
Anil M N
Arunima Saboo
Charanya S.
Prathap Raj S.
Prithu Sah
Ramprakash R
Shuchita Baranwal
Siddharth Sawant
Zinal Patel
Textile Design
ADM 17
LAD 10
TD 37
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