Young Designers 2009

Ramprakash R
Software User and Interface Design | PGDPD
Designing an Intuitive Music Experience
Guide Dr. S. Ghosal
Sponsonr Hewlett Packard Labs, Bangalore
> Music
> Design research
> Technological innovation
> Intuitive experience
Music has always been a Ďmysteriousí form of expression. Being highly personal, music encompasses language, feelings, thoughts and perspective. As technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, the ways by which people enjoy music in the future will depend greatly on how they will interact with it. Existing schemes through which music is managed, played and shared face several issues and bottlenecks. My project aims at identifying those issues using methods of design research, and arriving at solutions/concepts to make the listening as well as sharing experiences simple, intuitive and interesting.

I was involved in following a holistic design process to arrive at these concepts, as well as implementing them through wireframes. My project started off by initially understanding music and itís related elements from a systems thinking perspective (to achieve a bird's eye view of the project). Subsequently, I researched possible areas to study and make this information more coherent. I then conducted field research within these areas through a strict user study protocol. The findings of the research were collected, analyzed and synthesized to form a pool of concepts.

The most interesting concept from the pool was then chosen as a key design opportunity.
The concept was then visualized in a storyboard as a depicted wireframe for the TouchSmart media PC. The whole process brought in to practice the design theories
and learning I acquired at NID.

Note: The project is copyright protected with HP Labs till August 2010 and thus cannot be disclosed here.
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