Young Designers 2009

Shuchita Baranwal
Software User and Interface Design | PGDPD
Adobe Robohelp Version. 9
Selected Feature Work
Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsonr Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
> Adobe Robohelp
> Customization
> User-centric design
> Published output
The focus of my project was the customization of help systems that are to be published in multiple channels to address different audiencesí requirements in a collaborative manner using Adobe RoboHelp.

The expected outcome was a design solution that would allow users to exercise more control over the published output. Most technical writers end up having an experience of working with a number of different organizations. Though, there are a number of skins available to download and import, but eventually customizing them to meet the user needs becomes crucial for help authors.

I invested time in understanding and learning the product and itsí domain. Then, I shifted my focus towards the enhancement of the published output and giving the user more control towards it. I accomplished this through user research, which led to domain and user understanding in the context of the skin editor. Next I analyzed major tasks and developed work flows.

Constant user feedback on existing applications helped to identify their pain points. From this simultaneous process of repeated user studies, and with constant feedback as a reference, the design for new interfaces was conceptualized. Initially, I made paper prototypes and later mock-ups were generated which I validated through user testing in an iterative process. I then proposed visual styling for frozen mock-ups for which development has commenced.

Working in a corporate environment helped me acquire communication skills, time management skills and the ability to manage design deliverables with product management teams. I also learned how to be sportive about feedback from critics.
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