Young Designers 2009

Samir Bellare
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Designing the User Experience of an Online Mobile Marketing Application
Guide Mamata N. Rao;V S Ravishankar
Sponsonr Mkhoj Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
> Mobile marketing
> Brand building
> Web portal
> User experience design
mKhoj Solutions Private Limited (Now InMobi) is a mobile advertising marketplace which helps advertisers leverage its vast reach and the precision of the mobile medium to create strong brands and generate leads.

The objective of my project was to design a user experience and interface for the web-based self-serve portal meant to be used by clients of mKhoj by including campaign management as the basis of advertising. The scope was limited to certain sections in advertiser functions of the mKhoj web portal such as ad creation and editing, ad organization, and fund management.

I focused on providing the user as much as efficiency while using the web portal.

My design philosophy centered around clean interfaces, Web 2.0 paradigm which involved actions performed in context wherever possible, lazy loading of large data, clear indicators of system at work in responses to userís action. All text/messages in the UI is in appropriate language. User should never feel Ďlostí in any context/page. The key characteristics of this new interface include scalable navigation whereby adding entirely new features/functionality is enabled at deployment time, system prompts user to perform the next logical action, given a context, such that userís objectives and mKhojís business objectives are fulfilled further.

The scope of this project for the future could be generating reports and exporting them in the
format the user wants. Detailed interactions for the users are to be designed in the recent future.

My biggest growth has come from developing the ability and conviction to take a stand for my design concepts.
Communication Design
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Interdisciplinary Design
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I.T. Integrated Design
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