Young Designers 2009

Pallavi Naik
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Designing Browser-less Mobile Internet Interaction
Guide Mamata N. Rao
Sponsonr Hewlett Packard Labs, Bangalore
> Interaction design
> Browser less web
> Mobile internet platform
> SMS interaction
In emerging markets such as India there is tremendous excitement about the World Wide Web. The internet is valued even by non tech savvy users. However, the number of active internet users in the country is much less than mobile phone users. A significant issue preventing web consumption today is the complexity of web tools.

The objective of my project was to conduct research for designing a browser less mobile internet interaction that would be based on the actual needs of the people of Bangalore. Its scope involved understanding the mobile internet ecosystem, with respect to users (both current and prospective) and then conceptualizing possibilities in the current scenario. i.e. understanding interaction patterns on a mobile internet platform and then developing an interaction model for the platform.

The concept I designed was QUICKPOOL ( uninterrupted real time car pooling system through mobile phone application) submitted up to a low-fidelity prototype based on SMS interaction.

The philosophy grounding it was that by creating a browser like scroll and click experience, we can enable millions of basic handset users to access and discover a world of valuable content. From user research, I had learnt that most of the mobile web users have accessed the web through SMS based services and hence I designed an SMS interaction.
Working in the field of user experience has given me a rich experience in terms of having been able to explore the inter-linkages between physical, cognitive, social, cultural and emotional of the users life.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
GD 18
Industrial Design
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TrAD 8
Interdisciplinary Design
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I.T. Integrated Design
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Pallavi Naik
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NMD 10
Textile Design
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