Young Designers 2009

Usha Singh
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Digital Assistance for Rural Health: Pre and Post Natal Care
Guide V S Ravishankar
Sponsonr Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
> Rural India
> Pre and Post Natal
> Health care
> Technology
For my project, I developed a digital health care tool which aims to provide low cost neonatal care in villages to reduce miscarriage and strengthen health services infrastructure during pregnancy and delivery.

I commenced with research on the global and Indian health care sector, various childbirth techniques/methods and traditional historical social practices related to women. I also studied the rural health care system, NGOS and health and welfare schemes by the Government of India. My focus was on two villages Girdharpur and Bucharia in the Mahendragarh district in Haryana. I conducted ethnographic research on socio-economic and health profiles of women and stakeholders. Finally, I studied comfort levels with technology. My research helped me to visualize scenarios for strategy formulation.

The product I developed was a digital assistant. The existing data collection method involved multi-purpose health workers who used paper log-books to record data. There was a need for transforming this into a digital format to lessen paperwork and data collection burdens.

I generated concepts and then developed prototypes. I chose interactions with the product, screens to add new members of delivery cases and a search feature. I also developed a storyboard for an educational movie. User testing among health workers revealed that overall they were very happy with the device and that it would provide them some relief in their workload.
As a designer, I now clearly appreciate the major role that design and technology play in delivering the value proposition to individuals’ lives through humanizing products and services.
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