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CGD  7
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GD  27
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TD  17
Identity Driven People Network for Large Enterprise
Student Sona Dalsania
Sponsor Infosys Technologies Ltd.
Guide Rupesh Vyas
Knowledge Management System of Indian Heritage
Student Atul Kohale
Sponsor Multiversity Pvt. Ltd.
Guide Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Research and Design for Student Classroom Behaviour: Visual Aid to Creative Writing
Student Jyotsna Malhotra
Sponsor Texity Systems
Guide Shirsendu Ghosh
Designing Services for Galla
Student Priya Tamhane
Sponsor Media Lab Asia, IIT Bombay
Guide Shashank Mehta
Head to Heels and Everything in Between
Student Anand Bhushan
Sponsor Varun Bahl
Guide Somesh Singh
But Naturally
Student Kanika Dhawan
Sponsor Genesis Colours Pvt. Ltd.
Guide Somesh Singh
Tableware for High Gastronomy
Student Mamta Gautam
Sponsor Self Sponsored
Guide Neelima Hasija
Handmade Luxury: Collection of Hand-Stitched Clothing and Hand Embroidered Sarees
Student Richard Pandav
Sponsor Satayam Gartex Pvt. Ltd.
Guide Somesh Singh
Sensual to Essential
Student Anusha Mishra
Sponsor Future Research Design Company Pvt. Ltd.
Guide Krishnesh Mehta
Fine Jewellery Segment: Know your Customers
Student Shashank Shekhar
Sponsor Studio ADIG
Guide Krishnesh Mehta, Sanjay Agarwal
Bamboo Toys
Student Abhijit Paul
Sponsor Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
Guide Shashank Mehta
Furniture for Food Court
Student Neil Dantas
Sponsor Ajay Shah Design Studio
Guide Shailesh Manke
Slide the Rounds Up n Down: A Range of Classroom Furniture
Student Sonali Chand
Sponsor Quetzel Design India Pvt. Ltd.
Guide C S Susanth
Sweet Death
Student Latika Sewalia
Sponsor Self Sponsored
Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
The Man, Eating Tiger
Student Rohit Iyer
Sponsor Self Sponsored
Guide Shilpa Das
Ujjwal Vicharno Sanedo: An Animation Musical for Rural Gujarat
Student Sakshi Jain
Sponsor Environmental Sanitation Institute
Guide Shilpa Das
Promotional Film for National Institute of Design
Student Megha Mathur
Sponsor National Institute of Design
Guide Aniruddha Sen, S B Saksena
Kaash: A Short Film on Children in Mumbai
Student Priyanka Goswamy
Sponsor Self Sponsored
Guide S B Saksena
Indesh: Revitalization of Showcase Design at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Student Asutosh Kar
Sponsor Integrated Design Services, NID
Guide Anil Sinha
Aprender Ciência a Brincar (Learning Science while Playing)
Student Kathan Kothari
Sponsor ISWA (Indian Science Writers’ Association)
Guide Shirsendu Ghosh
Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics, Amer Road, Jaipur Old City
Student Nanki Nath
Sponsor CEPT
Guide Anil Sinha
Rooted yet Contemporary: Branding and Event Graphics for IIJS Signature Goa 2008
Student Niti B Mody
Sponsor Integrated Design Services, NID
Guide Tarun Deep Girdher
An Exploration: Language of Indian Festivals
Student Priyanka Singh
Sponsor Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd.
Guide Anil Sinha
Branding a Microbrew Beverage
Student Sana Rao
Sponsor Lemon Design Pvt. Ltd.
Guide Immanuel Suresh
Student Sujay Swadi Sanan
Sponsor Codesign
Guide Shilpa Das
Think Small?
Student Sunil Samuel
Sponsor Yahoo! Software Development India Pvt. Ltd.
Guide Tarun Deep Girdher
Consumption Pattern of Condom in Rural India: Case Study of Gujarat
Student Amresh Panigrahi
Sponsor Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
Guide Shimul Mehta Vyas, Deval Kartik
Safety When She Scoots
Student Aparna Rajagopalan
Sponsor Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
Guide Praveen Nahar
Hues of Changing Lifestyles
Student Navdeep Kaur
Sponsor NID – Asian Paints Colour Research Studio
Guide Immanuel Suresh
Discovering the ‘New World’ Tanishq in USA
Student Neha Arun Shetty
Sponsor Titan Industries Ltd.
Guide Shimul Mehta Vyas
Bidri in a New Light
Student Pratima Khadke
Sponsor Design Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.
Guide Shimul Mehta Vyas
A Collection of Bags for Hidesign A/W 07-08
Student Vinaya Mathew
Sponsor Hidesign
Guide Errol Pires, Shimul Mehta Vyas
Traditions Revisited: Block Printing and Embroidery of Jaipur
Student Amit Vijaya
Sponsor Satayam Gartex Pvt. Ltd.
Guide Errol Pires, Shimul Mehta Vyas
An Indian Coupé
Student Mahesh G
Sponsor Renault India Pvt. Ltd.
Guide Pradyumna Vyas
Khoj: Design and Development of Mobile Exhibition System
Student Mohammed Naim Shaikh
Sponsor GIAN and NIF
Guide Vikram Panchal
Bicycle for Elderly People
Student Nitin Sharma
Sponsor TI Cycles of India Ltd.
Guide Praveen Nahar Exploring Mobile Solutions for Emerging Business Opportunities
Student Saikat Dutta
Sponsor Human Factors International
Guide Dr Vinod Vidwans
The Soul of India: A Research Project on the Cultural Influences of India
Student Dawn Paul
Sponsor BMW AG, Munich Germany
Guide Shimul Mehta Vyas
Styling Colours for Indigo Knits
Student Maithilee R Gohel
Sponsor Arvind Limited
Guide Paresh Chatterjee
The Digital Divide
Student Shilpa Bandyopadhyay
Sponsor Texsoco Inc
Guide Paresh Chatterjee
Hand Painted Wonders from Kalahasthi
Student Varsha N Achar
Sponsor Development of Weavers and Rural Artisans
Guide Paresh Chatterjee
Changing Impressions
Student Yogesh Purohit
Sponsor Atlas Export Enterprises
Guide Paresh Chaterjee
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