young designers 08  
Salman Haider
Governing Council, NID
chairmanís message
AFD  26
CGD  7
FVC  14
FID  11
GD  27
IDD  6
LAD  16
NMD  9
PD  34
SDM  8
TD  17
The National Institute of Design is an acknowledged success story. It was set up in the early days when India was emerging and fi nding its place in the world. Enlightened leadership from within the country, where the government and far-sighted private sponsors came together in the cause, and also internationally, where the outstanding designers Charles and Ray Eames laid the foundations, helped create the new institution. Since then it has made rapid progress and is today acknowledged and honoured within the country’s superior educational and training establishments.
NID was never intended to be an ivory tower. Those who set it up were very conscious of its role within society. Its carefully chosen faculty, identifi ed, conserved and developed age-old traditions of indigenous design, while helping to fi nd new applications and new markets for traditional processes. Their efforts show-cased the richness of India’s tradition and created important new openings for skilled artisans. It had a profound impact at home and abroad. The NID brand is now a byword for quality and imaginative design. After its successful launch, NID has continuously adapted to changing circumstances and found the key to maintaining its edge even as the demands upon it have evolved. Today, as India industrialises rapidly, NID graduates are called upon to contribute not only in the traditional areas of crafts but also through close association with modern industries.
Globalisation means that Indian products must fi nd their way into the world’s markets, for which they must measure up in all respects, especially in their design quality. It is very encouraging to see how far NID has adapted to changing realities, and how the bright and able student body has absorbed a fresh range of skills. Without neglecting its core areas of excellence, NID has now moved with equal success into fi elds of design linked to industrial processes such as Automobile/Transportation Design, which scarcely existed in India when it was fi rst set up. Thus, the demand for NID graduates is ever increasing and the proud badge they carry after their training in this prestigious institution has become more than ever a signpost to success.
I wish all success to the ‘Young Designers’ annual publication for 2008. I am confi dent that as products of NID, these young designers will remain at the forefront of the entire design movement within the country.
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