young designers 08
Akshi Kalra
PGDPD | Furniture & Interior Design
Display System for Retail Design
Sponsor: Shark Design Studio, New Delhi
Guide: C S Susanth
AFD  26
CGD  7
FVC  14
FID  11
GD  27
IDD  6
LAD  16
NMD  9
PD  34
SDM  8
TD  17
Indian retail scenario
Fixture design (display system)
Large format stores
Fashion and Apparel
The project brief given by the client was to study the environment of Fashion and Apparel category
in large format stores like Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Globus, Westside; further, to identify the need and develop a system focusing on the modularity which is adoptable in different contexts for different brands.
After an extensive research and understanding of various elements present in the retail scenario, one can very clearly point out the immediate as well as the future need of the retail system. Consumer satisfaction is everything for a retailer. As the consumer directly interacts with the products and the display system, an efficient system is required. Too much display or too little of display both make a wrong impression. One needs to get the right balance to attract consumer’s attention.
The scope of my work included areas like understanding the retail design setup, Indian as well as global, by analyzing the basic principles of the store design; analyzing the factors that influence the apparel stores directly or indirectly like government policies, customer behaviour and ergonomics issues, the layout, the display systems adopted, etc.; categorizing the retail setup according to the branded or multi branded showrooms; understanding the different issues in them and types of merchandise they deal with; understanding the impact of globalization, foreign trends, customer expectations, preferences and behaviour; understanding the future of retail and retail design; and providing solutions based on the inferences for developing the display system.
I, therefore, decided to develop a system that could be adopted in various ways, a basic system that could be easily made and installed, a system with lesser number of joineries, and a totally new concept for retail design. My project gave me a chance to realize my ideas from paper to the actual material.
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