Young Designers 2011

Productivity Gateway
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Dr Bibhudutta Baral
Office scenario
Service providers
User experience
Digital tools and services
The project involved the conceptualization and designing of the productivity gateway for better delivery of Philips Services, including the Connect Suite and tools, to the end-users. The project’s end-users were the 95,000 employees working at Philips IT across the globe. The target audience included new, experienced and expert users.

The focus of the project was to come up with an efficient solution to address the need and bridge the gap between the end-user and service providers. Importance was given to making the productivity gateway in such a way that it would be accepted by end-users with different skill levels. The scope also extended to the development of a support system that would make it more sustainable for the end-users.

I started with a study of the existing set-up and Philips’ strategy against its competitors. The mapping of user needs, behaviours and expectations, creation of personas and scenarios, ideation of concepts and low fidelity prototyping followed. The final deliverables were the information architecture, in terms of product classification and the features that were required, the wireframes and prototype of the interface and the interactions.

This project has given me a chance to understand the behaviour and work culture of people when it comes to the usage of collaborative tools in office. I also learnt my own language, which I otherwise would have ignored. Having provided me with unexpected global exposure, this project has become an unforgettable experience in my life.
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