Young Designers 2011

Ceramic and Glass Design
Anjali Malik
Costume Accessories
Anuja Dilip Dhulekar
Terracotta Culinary
Arvind Kumar
New Range of Tiles Surfaces for Kitchen and Bathroom
Ashok Kumar
Universal Design for Public Toilet
Deepak Gupta
Defining BOROSILicate - Tube to FORM
Janki Vaishal Thakore
Pushplata Swarnkar
Context and Opportunities: Public Bathrooms for Universal Access in Indian Slums
Shreyasi Ashta
Opal Glass ó Blend of Form and Surface Ornamentation in Tableware
Twinkle Umedbhai Patel
Blue pottery of Jaipur
Communication Design
ED (6)
FVC (11)
GD (25)
AFD (20)
I.T. Integrated Design
IID (13)
NMD (17)
DDE (15)
Interdisciplinary Design
SDM (18)
DRE (12)
Industrial Design
Tr AD (8)
TGD (8)
PD (20)
CGD (9)
FID (10)
Textile Design
LAD (4)
TD (18)
ADM (7)
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