Young Designers 2011

Pradyumna Vyas
Director, NID




The National Institute of Design (NID) is undoubtedly the pioneer of design education in India. For the last fifty years, NID has been instrumental in serving various sectors of the Indian economy through tangible design interventions that also help to bring about improvements in those sectors. This is an institute that has nurtured and helped evolve innovative educational practices. NID is also committed to disseminating design education through contemporary media such as the internet and ensure stronger social development. The institute aims to foster economic development through design education and improve the quality of peopleís lives.
The first decade of this millennium has come to a close. This is the most appropriate time for NID to bring to fruition the goals it has envisaged for the future of design education. Towards this end, the existing curriculum will be reviewed and made more contextual and research-oriented so as to impart sustainable and value-centric design education. Plans are afoot to introduce postgraduate courses in Design Education, Universal Design, and Museum Design. NID is making active and dedicated attempts to infuse a global perspective into design education. For this, it is placing an increased focus on research in various areas of design, encouraging industry participation for sponsored research, and carrying out documentation and ethnographic studies on existing craft traditions. All of this will enrich educational programmes at the institute, apart from propelling Indian design practices on to the global arena in a more prominent way.
Indeed, this is a special moment for the NID community; this year marks the conclusion of NIDís Golden Jubilee celebrations. It has been a wonderfully eventful year with the institute hosting a plethora of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and film festivals of national and international statureóall of which are a rightful acknowledgement of NIDís involvement in design education and design thinking in the Indian context.
This edition of Young Designers showcases the work of this yearís graduates, whose diploma projects reveal their unique approaches to design and societal concerns. I am indeed proud of these young designers and am confident that they will promote a culture of excellence in all their future endeavours.
I wish them all success.

Communication Design
AFD (20)
ED (6)
FVC (11)
GD (25)
I.T. Integrated Design
DDE (15)
IID (13)
NMD (17)
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE (12)
SDM (18)
Industrial Design
FID (10)
Tr AD (8)
TGD (8)
PD (20)
CGD (9)
Textile Design
ADM (7)
LAD (4)
TD (18)
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