Young Designers 2011

Apparel Design and Merchandising
Anish Thomas
Faddish Laundry Collection a Menswear Denim Range for 'Flying Machine'
Ankita Patel
Kapas Organic Cotton Project: From Soil to Self
Darshana Tatibandwale
Sweet Dreams — Design for Comfort
Fatema Jaliwala
Narendra Kumar for Debenhams
Kabeer Kodaniyil
Chic Appeal’ - Fashion Trade Range for Women’s wear: Autumn/Winter 2011-12
Linda Lee
‘Devyani, Invoking the Goddess Within’ Collection 2011
Swati Bhartia
BH’RAT: Connecting threads of Kutch and Patan
Communication Design
GD (25)
AFD (20)
ED (6)
FVC (11)
I.T. Integrated Design
NMD (17)
DDE (15)
IID (13)
Interdisciplinary Design
SDM (18)
DRE (12)
Industrial Design
PD (20)
CGD (9)
FID (10)
Tr AD (8)
TGD (8)
Textile Design
TD (18)
ADM (7)
LAD (4)
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