Young Designers 2011

Yaatri Kripaya Dhyaan De
Animation Film Design | GDPD
Sekhar Mukherjee
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local train
My film is about the journey of an ordinary local train ride, which takes a twist when its track suddenly turns into a roller coaster.

The idea came to me when I was travelling to my hometown. Bored and alone on a two day long train journey, a sudden thought popped into my head Ėthe ride would be so much fun if it were a rollercoaster! I love to draw, design characters, animate, and I respect good humour; all of which Iíve tried to incorporate into my film.

On the ride, surprised passengers try to cope with the unexpected turn of events. A blind man wobbles around the bogey, unknowingly triggering a trail of disastrous events. When the train finally screeches to a halt at its station, he triumphantly walks out of an empty train. Whether the roller coaster track actually exists and events shown on screen actually occur, or whether theyíre simply the blind manís interpretation of a chaotic train journey is left for the audience to decide.

The film is done using traditional 2D animation. After months of working on the light box, I realized that I could replicate the same pencil lines digitally, and the time gained helped me concentrate better on my animation. I used a wacky color palette, from pink skies, to purple people. Colours shift from normal hues to mad ones as the journey picks up, adding to the mood of the film.

By making this film, I wanted to challenge myself by setting a higher standard than my current skill set. I was clear that I wanted an entertaining film. Few things make me happier than watching people laugh at something Iíve made. After coming to NID, I realized that Iím most comfortable as a creative expressing my thoughts through film, especially animation.
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Abhilash Jose
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