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Aditya Narayan
Transportation and Automobile Design | PGDPD
Transportation 2025
Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsonr Hyundai Motors India Engineering (HMIE)
> Conventional vehicles
> Electronic gadgets
> Environmental
> Brainstorming
In my diploma project, I was allowed to select my own brief to work on. I spent the
initial 2-3 weeks at the Hyundai design studio choosing an area in which I could
concentrate. Finally I froze on my brief as “Transportation 2025”. The deliverables for
the project were initial research, concept generation, and a final 3D model of interior
and exterior of my vehicle. My process of brainstorming began with an open mind and
a lot of excitement. I started sketching a lot of conventional vehicles, trying to learn
proportions, stance and overall volume manipulation. Simultaneously, I studied several
engineering mechanisms in some of my favourite electronic gadgets. I learnt about
the Hyundai’s design philosophy, their branding as well as the intricacies of a car and
the means by which a car can be represented through sketches. Thereafter, I carried
out research on statistical predictions of the future and tried to focus it on what the
main “hot topics” in the future would be. I continued my research in the areas of world’s
population, air pollution and carbon footprint, alternate use of energy and artificial
intelligence, etc. But among all these, I was personally drawn towards the environmental
aspects of Earth in 2025 and this became the core of my theme. This project provided
me a great opportunity to educate myself and enhance my sketching skills while working

in a studio setup. As a designer the most important learning was how to communicate
ideas to others and present them effectively.
Industrial Design
CGD | 09
FID | 17
PD | 15
TGD | 08
Tr AD | 08
Transportation and Automobile Design
Aditya Narayan
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Hrishikesh Neve
Kshitish Purohit
Neeraj Pathak
Nikhil Sharma
Sudarshan Rathod
Sunil Kharat
Communication Design
AFD | 24
ED | 05
FVC | 16
GD | 18
I.T. Integrated Design
DDE | 09
IDD | 01
IID | 11
NMD | 10
SUID | 01
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE | 12
SDM | 13
Textile Design
ADM | 14
LAD | 09
TD | 13
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