Discipline: Toy and Game Design
Aniruddha Chaturvedi
Cricket Bats for Indian Player Profiles

Gunjan Agrawal
Earth Ethos: Activity-based Textile Toys which Create Awareness about Endangered Animals

Ketki P Deshpande
Logical Playthinks

Kriti Sawa
Against the Dying of the Light: Sustaining Live Social Games

Parag Sarma
Earthsong: Wooden Toys from Baktawng, Mizoram

Pranjal Rai
Designing a Platform to Bridge the Gap between Career Competency and Job Opportunity

Roshni Ray
Games to Initiate Questioning

Surabhi Khanna
‘Khel Manthan’: Design and Development of Playful, Innovative Products with Local Skills and Co-operation

Communication Design
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I.T. Integrated Design
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Interdisciplinary Design
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SDM (11)
Industrial Design
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Textile Design
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