Director’s Message: Young Designers 2012

India finds itself at the crossroads of tradition and modernity; while there is a consistent ascension in technological proficiency and industrial prowess, the reins of culture, spirituality, heritage, and history continue to tug at the nation’s consciousness. These two polarities must find their confluence in any crucial decision made in the context of developmental strategies for India’s progress in any domain, and education is one such crucial area.

The domains of higher education have grown by leaps and bounds, providing the youth with a plethora of options to choose from. Design education in the context of the National Institute of Design (NID) is characterised by innovative research and academic practices; this gives its students the much needed encouragement to take up challenging projects that would improve their critical thinking abilities, in addition to nurturing creativity and imagination. The projects undertaken by them strike a clear balance between aesthetic finesse and socially responsible design ideas. NID acknowledges that design is a vital tool that can usher in economic changes, leading to a more prominent use of design by the industry.

The new syllabus that has come into effect from June 2012, points towards significant academic reforms NID has been spearheading; through this, the institute also seeks to redefine the vistas of design education in the global and Indian contexts. Environmental concerns and sustainability continue to remain core concerns for the world, and the same finds significance in NID’s curriculum and projects undertaken by students. The avalanche of digital technology and media such as the internet have made it essential for designers to develop new strategies for communicating design solutions, while continuing to remain sensitive to the local needs. Apart from academic activities, this year has also been an exciting one with several remarkable conferences, seminars, exhibitions, workshops, symposia, and film festivals that the institute has been proud to host. I am happy to inform one and all that the NID Gandhinagar campus was inaugurated earlier this year. In the near future, four new NID campuses would be established across the country, giving an opportunity for many more young designers to give wings to their ambitions.

This edition of Young Designers showcases projects that reflect the creative pursuits of this year’s graduates. Through these projects, these young designers have shown their confidence and dedication to make a difference in this world. I wish them all success for their future endeavours and encourage them to continue exploring new frontiers in design.

Communication Design
FVC (13)
ED (6)
AFD (22)
GD (28)
IID (14)
PHD (6)
I.T. Integrated Design
NMD (12)
DDE (11)
Interdisciplinary Design
SDM (11)
DRE (15)
Industrial Design
FID (13)
TAD (10)
TGD (8)
PD (28)
CGD (7)
Textile Design
TD (23)
ADM (10)
LAD (13)