Aditi Anuj |

3D Textile Installations for Kohinoor Square

Guide Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Sponsor Sandeep Shikhre Architects
Keywords Appliqué;mural;Origami;textile structures

The project was about designining textile 3D structures for a building that was being built on the site of a textile mill. This building is a fifty-floor commercial tower with its top six floors consisting of a five star hotel. The idea was to design textile structures which would be inspired from the shape of a diamond, where the theme for the interiors was “textiles” and the colour palette was called “sunsets”.

Three major installations were made. The first one being a mural for the main reception in the marketing office; the second one being the curtain wall hanging from the sixth floor to the ground floor of the main atrium; the third one was the canopies for the corridor which connected the front and the back atrium. Research was done on the study of the elements which combined the formation of these ideas together: the diamonds, the textiles, and the sunsets. Subsequently, a series of explorations was done, not limited to textiles, but trying to touch materials which were close to textiles such as papers, threads, and others

The mural was made of iron rods welded together and with threads very closely tied to them; when looked at from a distance, the mural gave the illusion of a fabric. For the atrium, the very old textile technique of Appliqué work was used, where the textile crafts of the country were appliquéd together as one panel which was then laminated between two glass panels. For the canopies, the inspiration was taken from the Japanese art form, Origami.

This project helped realise how making prototypes for classroom projects was different when compared to making them for a large-scale project such as this one. This project has indeed redefined one’s perception of space.
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