Young Designers 2009

Aditi Gupta
New Media Design | PGDPD
A Tool for Creating Awareness about Menstruation in Girls
Guide Gayatri Menon
Sponsonr Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
> Sequential art
> Puberty and menstruation
> Educational tool
> Adolescent girls
Menstruation and menstrual practices are still clouded with taboos and disbeliefs, leaving adolescent girls ignorant of the actual facts surrounding them.
For my project, I studied the various psychological problems, social taboos, barriers and hesitations surrounding menstruation. I conducted comprehensive research on several issues which comprised a literature review, works done by NGOs, media accessibility, social constructs, visual ethnographic research of a female body, an analysis of advertisements aired on television, an analysis of text books, a case study of a school, modes of information sharing, gender relations, taboos , as well as puberty in girls.
I wanted to communicate information in an interesting, engaging, easy to manufacture at a low cost and hence affordable and accessible to users. After mulling over a variety of formats, I developed an A3 size booklet that uses sequential art as a medium similar to comic books. The booklet provides information related to menstruation woven into a story and contains activities to engage the user and spread awareness and a positive viewpoint.
My project helped me to understand the behaviors, aspirations and psychology of individuals. During the product development phase, I learnt how the medium of sequential art could be used to discuss sensitive issues. It helped me to build better stories and narratives. I learned how to develop characters so that the users could relate with them. I learnt to communicate emotions through drawing.
This project heralds the beginning of future work I will undertake in the field of educational awareness towards menstruation.
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Aditi Gupta
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