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Dhruv Damle
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Diploma Project
Lighting Redesign for Terminal 3, Delhi
Keywords: Lighting redesign, Airport, Wireless technology, Responsive
Dr Jignesh Khakhar

The project aimed at ‘Responsive connected lighting’. Increased footfall came into the ecosystem. These made the existing airports upgrade to new levels capable of serving a larger number of passengers. The final solution allowed the user to experience lighting in accordance with various stimuli such as movement, occupancy as well as user driven choice of different parameters such as brightness, colour etc. The solution revolved around the use of available sensing and wireless technologies. The project resulted in one experience demonstrator with possibilities of its variations and interpretations. The project culminated with such design for Terminal 3.

Ankit Nextgen Inflight Entertainment

Dhruv DamleLighting Redesign for Terminal 3, Delhi

Mala PatelMulti-modal Interactions for Pilot in Next Generation Aircraft Cockpit

Tania JainAdobe Content Communities

Vishnu M SLow Cost Solutions for Accurate IV Therapy
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