Pranjal Rai |

Designing a Platform to Bridge the Gap between Career Competency and Job Opportunity

Guide Gayatri Menon
Sponsor Gols Technical & Vocational Education
Keywords career competency;educated unemployment;mobile application;skill cards

This project aimed at designing a platform to bridge the divide between career competency and job opportunity, a situation widely prevalent in India that is leading to a massive educated unemployment among the youth. India is inarguably one of the world’s fastest growing economies and with the working age group poised to grow over the next two decades; the demographic dividend has begun to pay off in India.

The project concentrated on skill education since 90% jobs in India are skill-based and it is the key to harness the potential of the demographic dividend. Students from ITI and skill training sectors formed the focus group and the challenge was to design a flexible delivery mechanism that supported the numerous needs of the stakeholders. Following the design process, a diverse target group was included in the ambit of this project; its experience and insights led to realising the opportunity for design intervention catering to the user’s need.

The final deliverable has two elements—Skill Cards: A print media information and awareness medium to empower the students towards a trade, its scope, and upgradation required to excel in the industry. Mobile Application: This will be a platform to connect various stakeholders and a quality information system for the ITI students, so as to help them understand the industry point of view and also guide them for skill development. Also developed were educational toys that would train the ITI students towards quality workmanship and creative learning.

This project was good opportunity to work in a very important area of the social domain; it helped refine one’s understanding of the design process.
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