Gunjan Joshi |

One/Way Ticket

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords backstory;beauty parlour;male gaze;silhouettes

The objective of this film was to educate young girls about the dangers about misconception of body image through a light-hearted look at the phenomenon of beauty salons. This film mainly focuses on girls in the age group of 14–25, when they are most conscious about their physical appearance.

The film is about a young girl who discovers the wonders and pitfalls of the beauty parlour, and how this discovery subsequently changes her perception of herself and the world around her. The life of the heroine essentially resolves in two parts—before and after the visits to the beauty parlour. The core idea was that the heroine, who earlier used to ignore her reflection, now could stop staring at herself on everything that shone.

The phenomenon of male gaze also came into play and the protagonist could not stop applying it to herself and to all other women she was surrounded with. The design process focused mainly on pre-production. The characters were carefully explored and developed, as well as many drafts of the story were refined. Finally, a clean and streamlined filmmaking process was followed throughout. This film was animated frame by frame on Adobe Flash, and was digitally inked and coloured on Adobe Photoshop.

The film helped explore the way young women's psyches are affected in their growing-up years due to the compulsion to attain the Caucasian Beauty Ideal via conduits such as the media, especially the internet. This film helped one understand character development to a great degree, beyond expressions and interesting silhouettes. It was learnt that apart from visual appeal, a character needs a strong backstory to be a real success.
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