Shyamal Das |

Contemporary Collection for Fashion and Furnishing

Guide Vijai Singh Katiyar
Sponsor J K Fabrics (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd
Keywords Autumn/Winter2012–13;fabric simulation;jacquard;silk blended fabrics

Work on this project involved creating exclusive ranges of silk blended fabrics with contemporary designs for furnishing and fashion, targeting a high-end market segment across Europe, USA, and Middle Eastern countries and for well known brands such as Giorgio Armani, Etro, Louis Vuitton, Uli Schneider, Elegance, and Hermann Lange.

Jacquard fabrics had to be used for curtains; while, upholstery with dobby stripes and fashion fabrics based on the mood board and design inspirations for Autumn/Winter2012–13 would be created. Research on this project involved archive study, mood board making, market research, concept development, and execution. The most interesting aspect was to acquire requisite knowledge about the markets in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Mood boards were created with the following supportive references: Eternal Rhythm, Classical Geometry, Nostalgia, and Abstract Nature. A clear visualisation of end products was very important prior to execution. The whole process involved two important phases—depicting the concept and fabric simulation on CAD for sampling. This was followed by extensive selection, rejection, and changes for refinement of the final concepts. At the end of the project, the fashion collection comprised eleven designs and nine designs in furnishing fabrics.

This project was beneficial in sharpening the learning acquired so far. It also improved skills of ideation along with the ability to shape developing ideas into strong concepts. Going through the entire design process for arriving at the concept generation stage to create the fabric, broadened one’s horizons and opened up endless possibilities of working with textiles.
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