Ketki P Deshpande |

Logical Playthinks

Guide Gayatri Menon
Sponsor Pegasus International, Mumbai
Keywords attention span;educational aids;market study;thinking capacity

The project aimed at conceptualising and developing platforms for sharpening logical and reasoning abilities of children in the age group of three years and above through basic puzzles, board games, storytelling, and painting.

A preliminary market study showed that the products available were generally either only for fun or only for learning. A platform which blended learning and fun would be an effective vehicle to help develop logical and reasoning abilities. Educational aids are increasingly being used in teaching in today’s scenario. Educational aids concentrate on increasing the overall thinking capacity of the child. These also involve building strategies that help in speeding the thought process in an interesting way, wherein children learn and grasp concepts in an enjoyable manner and in familiar surroundings.

In the age group selected, this would be highly beneficial. Two games—Turney Journey and Crazy Cattle were developed based on logical and reasoning abilities. Since the attention span of the chosen age group was comparatively low, both the games were designed in such a way that they could be completed in a short span of time. The games are simple to understand and play, but at the same time, they challenge and encourage the child to think beyond his or her normal thinking capacity. Both the games can be played individually or in a group.

A lot was learnt about client communication and client handling, time management, and corporate behaviour and style of working. It was a pleasant surprise to experience the acute sharpness of the uncluttered mind of young children, how clearly and ruthlessly they expressed their criticism, and how openly they showed their appreciation.
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