Onkar Chandrakant Channe | onkar.channe@gmail.com

Design of Electronic Dosing Pump

Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsor Ticket Design Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords dosing pump;engineering;phase-wise opportunity mapping;product study

This project focused on designing an electronic dosing pump for the Indian market which could be used in water treatment process equipments and in pharmaceutical companies. Dosing pumps are low-volume pumps with controllable discharge rates that are used to inject additives or difficult-to-mix fluids into mixing, pumping, or batch/tank systems.

The project endeavoured to take the product to the next level of engineering, precision, and aesthetic refinement. The sponsor had only one product in its portfolio, which was doing well in the local market and also in some parts of the country, but failed to compete in terms of features, quality, and aesthetics. Thus, it was necessary to have a product that is well designed in terms of engineering as well as aesthetics. The first stage of the project required an understanding of the sponsor’s background, market positioning, its identity, and capabilities.

A comprehensive product study was also carried out. After this, detailed market research and user research were conducted; these included a study of the competitors’ products, dealer and retailer surveys, and field visits. After synthesising all the data and inferences, phase-wise opportunity mapping was done. The ideation phase was long and elaborate. Brainstorming sessions with the engineering and manufacturing team, validation of the concepts, and incorporating feedback, were the processes followed at each stage.

The product had to be analysed on aspects such as design, engineering, manufacturability, cost, and branding; solutions had to be arrived at without compromising on any of these. From a designer’s perspective, the greatest learning was taking individual responsibility for every stage of the project—right from initial research, through the development of the design and basic engineering, and finally, the execution of the working prototype.
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