Anirban Ghosh |


Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords animatic;diegetic sounds;light box;soundscape

The objective of the project was to explore the medium of animation to highlight the conflicts of an "outcast" or "non-confirmist" who, struggles to practise music in the face of vehement opposition from his neighbours.

This film aims to initiate a discussion on issues of social acceptance and inclusiveness. It depicts the life of a singer named Sundari, who lives in a claustrophobic neighbourhood of North Kolkata; through his music, he works against all odds and creates magic. The narrative highlights the regional flavour of the old city through the characters, events, architecture, and soundscape. At the same time, it breaks away from the clichés of the realistic world and through the use of animation, tries to connect universal human emotions of pathos, dejection, victory, and celebration.

The script was designed and redeveloped several times to convey ideas, moods, and settings as effectively as possible. Understanding the pace and pattern of the edit was crucial and numerous drafts of storyboards and animatics were designed. The animatic was finalised and the timing for each shot was determined. In the initial stages, animation was done on the lightbox; later, Adobe Flash was used as the digital light box. The soundscape has a touch of realism which transforms the nature of storytelling. The general tone of sounds inside Sundari’s room is subtle and the presence of the radio in his room makes it an excellent source of commentary and music; hence, the diegetic sounds contribute in supplying the additional background score.

Going through the various steps of animation filmmaking, helped understand the necessity of possessing inexhaustible patience. Every design step was about solving a variety of problems and each design process had to be nurtured till it best suited the narrative.
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