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Narrating an Identity for Further and Beyond

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Further & Beyond
Keywords branding;handmade;travel;visual identity

The aim of the project was to rebrand and reintroduce the company, Further and Beyond. Founded by two travel enthusiasts, the company is a travelogue and expedition collective that needed to be rebranded after two years in operation. The experiences it has had over the years had to be incorporated into the new visual identity.

The deliverables were a new logo identity, visiting cards, website design, and a promotional video. The target audience comprised people interested in travel, exploring uncharted parts of the country, motoring enthusiasts, adventurers, and thrill seekers.

A major part of the design process was to understand the personalities of the travellers and the dynamics between them, and how they related to their experiences of travelling across the country. The earlier branding was rejected for its very formal and clinical look; hence, the new identity had to be rugged, gritty, fun, and vigorous. The focus throughout the project for all the deliverables was on strong black and white drawings, with a decidedly handmade feel and vibrant, colourful backgrounds. The branding, including the logo and all the collaterals reflected the fun, adventure, and joy of life on the road.

The experiences have been rewarding, both in terms of design and life lessons. Listening to stories of travel in remote parts of the country has greatly widened one’s perceptions. This project focused on delivering different kinds of end products; this has made one understand better the various design processes associated with them.
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